Wednesday, January 6, 2010

College Regrets?

With all the College Bowl games being played these days, I couldn't help but reflect back to my academic years. In my nostalgia, I actually contacted my college (Ithaca. No, not Cornell) and requested my transcripts. I was stunned. I have absolutely no recollection of ever taking a course called "Cultural Anthropology". Or, for that matter, something called "Introduction to Philosophy of Religion". I must have liked it, because I took two semesters. Maybe the professor was cute.

For those who know me, I suppose you'd find it somewhat ironic that I took classes in Speech Fundamentals, Introduction to Music, Argument & Debate, Public Opinion, and General Semantics. Apparently, I had little appreciation for music. I only earned a "C" in that class. I took a class called "Discussion". Even then, I liked to talk (not so much listen). I "aced "that class. I only got a "B" in Argument and Debate. I was probably good at arguing and lousy at debate.

I also joined a fraternity. Something called Alpha Epsilon Rho, a National Honorary Radio- Television Fraternity. If I was a TV Major, I'd have called it National Honorary Television-Radio Fraternity. I really don't know why they called it an Honorary Fraternity. I had to pledge, carry a pledge book, make a paddle, eat goldfish; just like if I had joined some "jock frat". Grades certainly weren't a requirement. Although I'm proud to say I made the Dean's List for the right reasons my final three semesters.

I only have a few regrets from my college days. A girlfriend broke up with me in my Junior year and the last time I saw her was at graduation. I think I waved with my middle finger. I'd like to take that back. In my Senior year I had a crush on a redhead from New York. After graduation, we made plans to get away for a weekend. She stood me up. I never got to wave goodbye.

But my biggest regret, was not getting into college sports. Now, I understand the Ithaca College Bombers weren't in the league of Texas, Florida, or Alabama, but they were our team. I think I attended two games. One on campus, and once at Cortland (yes, where the apples are grown). I think the Cortland game was to impress that previously mentioned redhead. Obviously, it didn't work.

So tomorrow, as Texas plays for the national championship; I'll pretend the Ithaca College Bombers are on the field. No. Not a good idea. Alabama would destroy the Bombers. But Ithaca has a great music school; so I'll pretend it's the Ithaca College Marching Band on the field at half-time.

But then, what do I know? I only got a "C" in music appreciation.

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